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Design Safari Overview


A Safari is one of the ultimate African ventures that one could have: a journey full of unexpected, exciting experiences.

This is exactly what the Jinger Jack DESIGN SAFARI is all about. A platform to showcase fresh new collaborations with designers and other creative minds from different industries, each with its distinct signature intertwined with Jinger Jack’s highest quality of artistry.

For the launch collection we teamed up with local and international fashion designers, an interior designer and a graphic artist:

* Monk Designs

* Stefanie Rohrbach

* Eddie Pattiselanno

* Ilan Clothing

* Sitting Pretty

* Nicole Bredeveldt

* Oliver van Maasdijk

* Mona Meier

Browse our website and get insights about the designer’s biography and their approach to designing. The DESIGN SAFARI is another way Jinger Jack strives to continue pushing the envelope for creative innovation – it’s an ode to our South African heritage.

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Monk Designs

Angelica Taylor


Angelica Taylor was inspired to start Monk designs in 2014. After the birth of her beautiful baby boy, his nickname soon became ‘Monkey’, which was then shortened to ‘Monk’ to be used as the name for this creative business.

She began with designing thoughtful greeting cards and selling them to local shops in and around Cape Town. The demand for her designs quickly grew and soon Monk Designs expanded to include an array of different products and gifts in-store as well as online.

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Stefanie Rohrbach


Stefanie Rohrbach is an architect with her own practice in Cape Town since 2010. Focusing on residential housing her interest lies in creating an atmosphere through integrating proportions of space, natural lighting and views which supply an emotional comfort.

‘To design a handbag was embracing an opportunity to translate conceptual thinking into a product to wear instead of one where you live in. It had to be multifunctional as you want a space to work for different scenarios. To be able to use it during the day, while you work and with some small adjustments to use it for an evening as well was my goal and a challenge in the same time.’

I’ve really enjoyed trying to push the boundaries with the JJ team and enjoyed the journey forward with them.

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Eddie Pattiselanno


Eddie Pattiselanno is a designer and artist. She lives and works in Switzerland. She is interested in design and art.
„ I am intersted in combining the old with the new. I enjoy connecting these two poles in my projects.
The new cannot be built up without the old. My works of art include these contrasts. I show new perspectives and create new realities.
I focus on reacting sensually to the here and now.”

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Stephan Martin

.ILAN is a South African designer clothing brand known for its clean, modern silhouettes, unexpected fabrics, and signature prints. Designer Stephan Martin creates pieces with the creative woman in mind, that wants something modern, yet nostalgic and feminine.

Jinger Jack-5866_01

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Sitting Pretty

Emma Longden

.Sitting Pretty creates simple and relaxed pieces characterized by soft tones and light, loose cuts, offering understated chic and controlled nonchalance with a touch of sensuality.

A combination of bohemian chic and urban sophistication, the label playfully juggles together ethnic silhouettes, masculine tailoring and sportswear codes, with a hint of romantic aesthetics.

With environmental awareness, ethical trading and manufacture underpinning the label’s philosophy, we are particular about sourcing natural and environmentally friendly fibers such as organic cottons and hemps.

Care and respect is given to the people who produce our collections and we embrace the slow fashion movement.

Designed and manufactured in Cape Town.

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Nicole Bredeveldt

.Born deaf, Nicole Bredeveldt describes her social anxiety as one of the few, but most debilitating challenges as a young deaf adult.

Her deafness enabled her with the skill of observation, taking in the smallest of details. For as long as she can remember, she’s always carried a sketchpad/notebook with her to scribble ideas in. During school holidays she could be found spending hours in the library or on-line, self-teaching the history and techniques of various art forms.

The silence allows her to pour out her creativity on a blank canvass, submerged in a world of creative thought where she can express herself with the confidence that sometimes failed her in the social setting.

Despite her social anxieties, she is an outdoor adventurer – an avid surfer, rock climber and also has no reservations when it comes to jumping off high cliffs into the cool waters below, an explorer of the outdoors by train, car or foot!

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Oliver van Maasdijk

Born & raised in South Africa, moved to Holland at the age of 18 to study architecture. Lived there for 14 years before driving back to South Africa to settle down there. Moved from Architecture to interior design to product design.

I have always seen design as a problem-solving feat – whatever the design form is, the process is similar. I have always been interested in distilling a design down to some form of essence. I have a love for simplicity and for honesty in design, which demands a refining of elements and form. Too many frills clutters the story you are telling. The same applies for materials – show how an object is made. Workmanship of an object is as important to me as the aesthetic form.

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Mona Meier

Mona Meier is the founder of blackURBAN and the creative and strategic mind behind the label. (

With many years of experience in the textile and fashion business, Mona is an expert in design, collection development and production processes and has an extensive industry-wide network. She is also a consultant to other established premium brands.

Mona Meier is born, grown up and still living in Switzerland. She loves traveling and discovering all over the wold, seeing different cultures but still remaining “the swiss mountain girl“.

Being actively out in the nature and and doing sports is her balancing and grounding tool.

Her personal work focus:

Creating product value and concepts that represent the spirit of the age and setting the signs for the future. Environmental awareness and social respect is a matter of course.

Fashion is her passion and her profession.

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